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UTKAL COLLEGE OF MUSIC AND DANCE is managed by the national music Association, Cuttack established in the year 1943. In the year 1947, the shastriya Sangeet Vidhyalaya was established to impart training and subsequently .It was up-graded to college status renamed "UTKAL COLLEGE OF MUSIC AND DANCE "and to Akhila Bharatiya Gandharv Mahavidyalaya Mndal, Miraj which was inaugurated by Shri Y.N.Sukhantkan, The Governor of Orissa.

We feel proud that most of the noted musicians and dancers of Orissa are the ex –students and products of this institution .Special mention may be made like famous vocalist Dr.Sunanda patnaik , Smt.BinaPani Mishra ,Dr.Mohan Charan Senapati ,Shri Gopal Panda , Shri Hamid Abead , Shri Bhubaneswar Mishra , Shri Prafulla Kar , Shri Syamamani Dei and so many others . This Association organized the 11th All India Music teachers conference and Music Festival of the Akhila Bharatiya Gandharv Mahavidyalaya Mndal at Cuttack during the year 1981, in which delegates from all over India AND TOP RANKING Musicians and Dancers of India participated . We presented Odissi Dance and Geeti Nrutya "Dasabatar"during the festival before the musicians, Delegates and Music lovers, who highly appreciated the performance.

The Associations have the following four selections to take up different works smoothly:-


This section organized a number of Musical Seminars and demonstrations inviting eminent artist from different parts of India .Of those who have graced the auspicious occasions mention may be made of pandit Narayan Rao Vayas ,Pandiyt V.R.Patvardhan,Smt.Sidheswari Devi,Smt.Hirabai Barodkar , Ustad Bada GulamAli,Ustad Bismillah khan ,Ustad Ali Hussain ,Pandit Thakur,ShriA.kanan,,Smt.Malabika Kanan,Pandit Balaram Pattnaik,PanditM.S.Gokhle , Smt.Mira Chatterjee, Dr.Sunanda Pattnaik, Shri Sarada Seth, Shri B.N.Bishnu,Smt.LaxmiSankar,Pandit V.N.Kinikan ,Shri Nikhil Banerjee ,Pandit Villayat Khan, Pandit Samnta Prasad , Dr. Mohan Charan Senapati, Dr.DD amodar Hota , Dr.Sulava Thakur , Dr.S.Deo and so many others .


The main activities of this section are research and development of Odissi Music and Dance, puppet Dance, Music and dance of Tribal areas and survey and collection of Folk Dance, Music and old instruments .This Association took up these works since 1953.


This section is continuing its efforts for development of dramatic art and theatre crafts in the state. There has been tendency of stagnation of dramatic art. Effective remedial measures lie in the hands of a mature theoretical group of the state. This Association has risen to the occasion and has always tried to improve up on the old stage craft and stage technique. This Association has produced several outstanding drama sand one act play .During the production of plays, training in different aspects of dramatic art and theatre crafts, such as setting, lighting, creation of sets, makeup and design of costume tic etc, is imparted. Five of the dramas named below produced by the Association have received from the Orissa Sangeet Natak Academy .Drama in one set was first introduced by this Association, first of its kind in Orissa.

Matira Manisa –Secured first position
Ardhangini-Adjudged to be the best original Drama
Begumkothi-Awarded as the best produced Drama
Gharathakur-Awarded certificate of merit

The puppetry is a very popular form of field entertainment in the different parts of the India including our state. A preliminary study has been made by this Association in respect of the theme, costumes, music, and mechanism of puppet .Full length puppet plays by reputed and improves the background music, narration, lyric and stage craft of these puppet plays .It may be mentioned here that plays have been a great success.


This section works in co-operation with prantiya section .The work taken up by this section is the production of dance drama based on Odissi Dance and Music and other classical dances. In invitation of the Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi, Manini, SARAT RASA, RADHIKA were staged by this Association in Delhi and public a like with the improved lighting and stage craft.
This section has also made considerable headways in creating deep impression about the excellence of the Odissi Music and Dance in the mind of audience both in the state and outside the state .This association was selected to represent the state for the 1st inter-state cultural delegation and public of the state of Andhra and Kerala. Several dance dramas and GEETI Nrutya were produced by this section were presented within the state. We are the pioneer in bringing Odissi Dance to the limelight and this dance form has now received world wide reputation .The great ballet "RAMAYAN" with 150 participants was presented by this Association in 3 dimensions stage, the first of its kind in Orissa.
World famous dance teacher of National Music Association Late Guru Devdas for first time in India went to different countries of the world seven times and performed Odissi Dance .The performance of Odissi Dance was done by his student world famous Odissi dancer Indrani Rahaman.
Our Institution is celebrating a "Trayamasik Shastriya Sangeet Samaroha" in each three month on our open pendal "Laxman Garnaik Shastriya Sangeet Mancha" .We also going to start "Antarjatika Music & Dance Samaroha" for 28th February and 1st march 2010 .Artists are required for this programmed may apply with their biodata.
With the help of state Social Welfare Advisory Board, Bhubaneswar we trained handicapped persons in classical/Odissi Music and some of them are now well established artists in teaching and performing art.